Monday, January 18, 2010

My buddy, the Brewmeister.

Do you like beer?  If you do, then I have blog you should check out.  My cousin-in-law, James Patrick (or JP for short; I'm trying to steer away from calling him Patrick because he hates that name) is sort of our resident beer aficionado and started a blog called The Year of Beer (, where he explores the world of beers outside of your usual Budweiser, Miller, or Coors comfort zones (we actually live outside St. Louis, so this is Bud territory).  Every Sunday, he tries out a new beer and gives his own personal review on it.  He also talks about microbreweries, beer news, and other items that pertain to things like wheat, hopps, and getting "fitshaced."  If you love beer, or you just like watching someone drink the stuff, then you have my full permission to see his blog (by "permission," I mean I command you to do so, with haste).

Oddly enough, and this may surprise some, I'm not an alcohol drinker, at all.  You would think that someone who is into metal and other things demigods do would be all over guzzling beer and crushing beer kegs with his bare hands (or bear hands, if you got any).  Not me.  I like to have a clear head in all my doings and alcohol kind of ruins that for me.  They used to call me "Sir half-a-beer" during my college days.  They really should have called me "Sir two-sips, Lord of the warm, morning-after brew."

Even though I do not drink, I will support a man and his passions.  So drink on, JP, drink on.

By the way, that "Ultimate Barbarian Video Game" segment took a lot out of me, so I'm going to take a break for a few days.  While you eagerly await my return, why not check out the archives of my blog (if you haven't done so, already).  I'm close to, what, 130 posts so far?  Go ahead, read them.


  1. Thanks for the barbarian video game segments Kaiser, very informative!

    Now all that talk about beer is making me thirsty for a um...! And yep, it's Bud country up in my small piece of Canadaland too (think Candyland, but with beer and hockey instead of candy) - I think the neighborhood beer store sells more Bud than all other brands combined!

  2. Kaiser, my lord, are you gonna follow my blog or do I have to cry tears of blood?

  3. Akari,
    Cry tears of beer and I'll follow you to the depths of hell.

  4. (chanting) Tears of blood, tears of blood, tears of blood...

    Okay, I'll follow your blog.

  5. I may be a teetotaler, but I do like hockey. Also, Candy Land is creepy.

    Akari, why do you keep commenting irrelevant things in here, anyway? I mean, it would be one thing to say, "I love JP's beer blog. Why not check out mine?" You always call me up when you need something; I know you. C'mon, participate in the conversation.

    ...Tears of blood, tears of blood.

    (You know I'm just giving you a hard time, right?)

  6. (chanting) Tears of beer, tears of beer, tears of beer... (all creepy like)