Monday, January 25, 2010

Look, Mom, I'm on CROM!

About four months ago, the guys at CROM! decided to post some letters from stupid people that were published in the old Marvel comic, Savage Sword of Conan, looking for anyone to come up with some funny responses.  I produced something that was almost godlike in hilarity. 

Fast forward to the beginning of this month, when my good buddy, Cromsblood, asked if I could, once again, bring my merciless contempt to the dumbasses of yesteryear.  Eagerly, I obliged.  Thus, Swords and Scrolls: Kaiser Crowbar Edition was born.  Follow this link for my first ever (hopefully, not the last) guest post on CROM!.  When you're done laughing your ass off, go here to find my unofficial debut from last year (check the comments section for my reply).

Disclaimer:  Reading Swords and Scrolls: Kaiser Crowbar Edition has been proven to make people uncontrollably spit out their food/drink from laughing too hard.  Please exercise caution and do not read with a full mouth.  If you are reading this after checking out The Year of Beer, please finish your beer before proceeding.

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