Monday, January 25, 2010

The Litany of Tempered Steel

In the realm of mortals, the four dimensions of space and time stretch into infinity so that no man may see its beginning or end. Boundless as they seem, there is more to existence than mere time and space. Such is the fifth dimension, a multiverse that contains every possible past, present, and future in existence. Every action is a choice and every choice, no matter where in the whole of creation or how insignificant it may seem, gives rise to a new universe, a new Earth.

This is the story of one being, adrift amongst the alternate Earths of the fifth dimension, who, in his search for something greater, will traverse the dimensions and realize his true destiny.

These are the first words written in the Libris Metallum, a book that was bestowed to me from beyond the stars.  None may write in it, as the words appear of their own accord and chronicle my law, my philosophy, and my quest for greatness.  Only I may read and comprehend what is written within and live.  This book is my treasure, my guide, my fate.

For my Steel Legionnaires, the most important part of the Libris Metallum is the Litany of Tempered Steel: a code of honor to the people designed to encourage them to rise above their base desires and become a person of pure metal.

It was written when I had conquered the first Earth, my home Earth.  I had amassed a great army from those who were forsaken, like me, and trampled over the thrones of tyrants until I had surpassed all who stood against me.

I held the Earth in my hand, but it would not last.  Greed and ambition had seeped into the minds of some of my greatest generals.  They persuaded my soldiers to fight for them.  They betrayed me and murdered those still loyal to my cause.  Only I remained against their armies.  They thought me defeated.  I may have been, had it not been for one last weapon I wielded; a terrible one.  I summoned the demon dragon, Balauss, to decimate their armies with flame.  None were left alive.  All that remained burned to nothing.  I was a king of a shattered land.  There was nothing left for me.

In my moments of despair, these words formed in the Libris Metallum, giving a philosophy for my soldiers to adhere to.  I do not know why the words chose this time to appear, when it was already too late.  Perhaps it was for me to see that power and ambition alone cannot change the world for the better, though I cannot say.

Since that fateful battle, the Litany of Tempered Steel has been an integral part of Steel Legionnaire philosophy.  Each member must take these words to heart and act in accordance with them.

The Litany of
Tempered Steel

The basest man is a tainted ore. One must be forged in the fires of tribulations and shaped with the Hammer of the Just to emerge as a being of the purest steel.

While the sword of a warrior sunders flesh so that one may conquer their enemies, the sword of immortals sunders delusion so that one may conquer himself.

Turn not your back on the forsaken. All great men were once forsaken. Their tears have washed the dross of the world from them until only the desire for great deeds remained.

No light burns through lies and corruption greater than the subtle light within, for it is the light of Creation.

Iron is easily broken and tarnished by rust. Steel is refined and strong. Silver is the Moon and its mystery. Gold, the Sun and its knowledge. Orichalcum is the Furnace of Creation, beyond time, space, and thought.

A true man of steel need only let his deeds speak for him. Words do no justice to him. He does not let his actions speak ill of him.

A true woman of steel is fearsome indeed. She is a pillar of strength draped in feminine beauty. It is only a fool who dares cross her.

Emotion may drive you to accomplish great deeds or drag you and those you love into destruction. Do not let your emotions decide your fate. Master them and leave the choice in your own hands.

One need not be of great physical strength to become like steel. One only needs the desire to refine themselves and to act upon it.


  1. It's interesting that you came to me in a dream last night and said that important things were coming here. I shook your hand and promised that I'd read.

  2. You have received the call that all Steel Legionnaires must one day heed. The fact that you have made this vow speaks volumes of the character of your metal, my brother.