Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kaiser's Metal Moment - Sabaton

Okay, so this isn't part one of the barbarian video game special.  Deal with it.  I just wanted to get one more metal moment before I talk about video games for a week or so without interruption.

Anyway, I woke up this morning with one thought in my head, "I haven't listened to Sabaton in a while."  Sabaton is a Swedish power metal band whose songs focus on historical military conflicts.  That is to say they like war.

I discovered these guys a few years ago, which, at that time, was a time of pure discovery for me in the genre of metal.  When I went to work, every night, I'd fire up Pandora on my computer, put on my headphones, and blow my damn ears off.  Anyway, these guys stood out from the first time I heard them.  Their music was like a blitzkreig: fast, hard, and leaving you in a ruin of awe.

Then I heard Joakim Brodén's voice and immediately said to myself, "I want to hang out with that guy."  He has this throaty, "clean" growl in his voice that just sounds awesome.  It's definitely not your usual growl.  I even gave Joakim the nickname "Uncle Sabaton," because he sounds like that cool uncle whose been through so many damn wars and every time the family gets together, you can't help but get the man a beer as you listen to his war stories.

"Uncle Sabaton" is the one with the marine mohawk.

When I first heard them, I tried to find out more about these guys, but, for some reason, no one really knew that much about them.  There wasn't even an entry for them in Wikipedia (you could only find an entry for an actual sabaton, which was the part of full plate armor that covered the foot, that the band was named after).  Fortunately, they released an album almost every year since 2005 and signed a deal with Nuclear Blast, one of the premier metal labels in Europe.  Since then, they've been getting much more attention, and rightly so.

Of course, I'm not going to tell you about these guys without giving you a taste of the firefight intensity that is their music.  This song, "Into the Fire," was the first song of theirs that blew my mind back in those days.  Put your flak jacket on.  This is going to get violent.

"Uncle Sabaton" tells the best war stories.

Kaiser out

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