Monday, November 2, 2009

Random Japanese - あらゆる月曜日

Some Japanese guys find this bizarre sea creature washed upon the rocks.  What do they do with it?  Do they call a marine biologist to investigate?  Do they take the camera footage to report this find on the news?  Absolutely not!  They decide to fuck with it.  They poke, prod, and flip it on its "back."  Then, in a mature gesture of discovery in the name of science, they pour soda into its "mouth."  What happens afterward causes the men to become infected with a microorganism that will slowly mutate their bodies until they become mindless fish-like abominations.

The lesson here: Don't fuck with the Deep Ones!


  1. Funny. But it's fake. Iy would be cool if some weird member of the jelly fish family like that did really exist. But can tell it's rubber and latex. At least I can.

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  3. No way! It's real man. One of those things ate my dog! I was taking it on a walk along the beach. It was snifing out something buried in the sand. I tried to keep going but when i looked back, one of those things had swallowed her whole and was sucking up the leash. The damn thing was bigger than my head. dude I got the fuck out of there. I just told my parents she slipped the leash and ran away. Their out there. I'm not fucking kidding. Their coming to get us. You can't stop me from telling the truth! You can't shut me down like this kaiser.