Thursday, November 12, 2009

Into the Void...

I am eagerly awaiting the release on  Dark Void on the XBOX 360 next January.  My excitement for this game is manyfold.

First off, it's an interesting take on pulp sci-fi.  This game seems to have everything:  lost worlds, alien oppressors, hair raising action, jetpacks (yes, you get to fly around with a JETPACK!), and even Nikola Tesla is on your side.  This seems to have a darker look than Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon, but what I've seen promises to bring all the classic alien fighting action I've been looking for in a game.

And if you're wondering if the game will do the genre justice, rest assured that the company making this game, Airtight Games, was also responsible for the fantastic XBOX game Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge.  I'd feel really secure in pre-ordering this one already.

Just to drive it home, here's some footage from the game, complete with commentary by Airtight's lead game designer Jose Perez III.  This game looks so fucking awesome!


  1. I hear Tesla was an asshole. o_O

  2. Actually, according to what I've read, it was Edison that was an asshole. Everyone just thought Tesla was a crackpot while people like Edison got the credit for his inventions. On top of that, Edison treated Tesla like shit, only paying him peanuts for doing some great things.

  3. I highly recommend picking up a book about Tesla...the guy was a friggin' genius, and his life story is an incredible read. One of the greatest inventors ever, but he wasn't too good at estimating costs/managing money, and got screwed over by jackholes like Edison. Tesla did go crazy later in his life...not a fitting end for such a great man.