Friday, November 6, 2009

Kaiser's Metal Moment - Manowar!

When I ride my fire breathing metal six legged horse into battle, I listen to Manowar. When I bury my battle axe deep into the skull of a demon to save the captive beautiful maidens who were to be his blood sacrifice, I listen to Manowar. When I survey the massacre before me as plumes of blood mist spray from my dying enemies into the stormy sky, I listen to Manowar. When I'm bowling with the Titans of the Cosmos and I annihilate pin after pin with my sphere of bowling doom, I listen to Manowar.

Manowar has been kicking ass and blowing speakers since 1980 with music that invokes epic battles and remaining true to metal.  Being true to metal has always been important to the guys, as they have refused to compromise their ways.  Record executives and critics in the US have always criticized them, but such people are False Ones and must be destroyed by steel.

Regardless of how mainstream music views them, Manowar is still going strong, thanks to a loyal following in Europe, Japan, South America, and, to a lesser extent, the United States, where most people would rather listen to shitty music instead.

Not only is Manowar the purest of metal music, they have some of the most epic album covers.  Epic warriors standing over the field of battle, surrounded by beautiful, scantily clad women and the iconic Manowar sword in hand is a sight to behold.

The music is always hard and loud.  They've been known to break their own records for loudest concert numerous times.  They even performed for 5 hours straight at one time.  Truly, they are the kings of metal.

But do not take my word for it.  Listen to the thunderous sounds that will bring out the warrior in you.  Their songs are a war march and their chorus a battle cry.  Warriors of the World Unite!

To all my metal brothers, Hail from the Kaiser!


  1. Those women aren't scantily clad. They're un-clad.

  2. @Both of you: You know, those women are wearing jewelry, so they're not completely naked.