Friday, June 19, 2009

Kaiser's Metal Moment - Dream Theater

If you were to come up and ask me what progressive metal is, I'd seal you into an iron maiden with a bitchin' sound system that I call "The Leslie" and make you listen to Dream Theater until you die. So it's probably for the best you don't ask me, ever. Needless to say, Dream Theater are the pioneers of the sub-genre. No other band has done more for progressive metal than them and they are the standard by which their contemporaries are measured. I first discovered these guys in the early '90s when my uncle, who introduced my older brother to Rush, who, in turn, introduced it to me, played one of their albums while my brothers and I were hanging out with him. That album was Images and Words, which was not their first album, but the first album of a more stable band (their first album was rife with a shitty record contract and firing a previous singer from the band). I was immediately hooked. The musicianship and complexity of their music is second to none. I bring all this up because they're releasing a new album, Black Clouds & Silver Linings, due out next Tuesday. I saw the video for their first single, "A Rite of Passage." You have to see it to believe it. ...and you will see it. I highly recommend getting the new album and any of their albums you don't own. That is, unless, you're itching for a date with "The Leslie". Fair warning, she likes to bite. Kaiser out

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