Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dio dropped from Brütal Legend

It's all over the internet. Ronnie James Dio is no longer lending his voice to Brütal Legend. When I first heard this, I cried, "Bullshit!" I thought it might have been a rumor, but it's true. Of course, there are rumors flying about. Since Ozzy is in the game, there's been talk of the feud between the two metal singers getting in the way. My wife said that she heard that someone read that Sharon Osbourne was instrumental in getting Dio booted off the project (you know how rumors are). So who did they get to replace to replace Dio? When most people reported that Tim Curry was to replace Dio as the voice of Doviculus, they said it with relief. When I found out about this, relief was not the first emotion to come to mind. Don't get me wrong. I love Tim Curry (he was great in Clue as the butler), but Dio and Tim Curry are worlds apart voicewise. It made no damn sense to me. Then I read an article in which Tim Schafer stated that they decided to go with Curry because the character development of Doviculus made it that Curry was a better fit for the part than Dio. While Dio has an awesome voice, I guess Curry's deep baritone, as evidenced in the movie Legend (by the way, he's the only reason to watch that stupid movie) would make for a more ominous sounding Doviculus (pictured below). I'm still kinda disappointed that they cut Dio. I hope they still include his music in the game. The first teaser had "Mob Rules" in the background, but no one has confirmed or denied anything on that front. But there's still plenty of guest stars. Rob Halford, Lemmy, the aforementioned Ozzy. Lita Ford plays a really hot jungle queen. Check it out. Am I still going to play this game? Hell yeah. I'm going to pre-order it. I may be disappointed with Dio's exclusion, but this game will still kick ass. Kaiser out

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