Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kaiser's Metal Moment - Dream Evil

If you've never been to Pandora internet radio, you don't know what you're missing out on. When you first get there, it'll ask for any song or band you like and then make a radio station out of it. This station will include that band or song as well as any other songs or bands that are similar in style to it, therefore giving you an opportunity to discover bands that you may not have heard of. Is it perfect? Hell no. Sometimes you get crap on your stations, but your station is always open to customization. So if your station plays a shitty song, tell Pandora that the song's a piece of shit and it will never play it again. You can make as many different stations as you like. I actually have four or five different metal stations, a classic rock station (with some prog rock thrown in for good measure). I even have a flamenco station (those guys play some fucking righteous guitar). I mention Pandora because it was there that I discovered a shitload of metal bands. On my power metal station, Dream Evil is one of my favorites. They are from Sweden - the land of metal, blond chicks, and ABBA. Their music has been equated to fighting a nine headed demogorgon, tearing the black heart out of its acidic chest, and preparing a nine course meal for a party of thirty with its carcass. It's perfect for raiding a continent, waging war on the gods, or impressing the pants off of the harem of your choice. The song on this video is a favorite of mine. Enjoy. And don't forget to check out Pandora. You'll thank me later.

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