Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Me am Kaiser

Hello.  Me am Kaiser.  Me back.  Me am glad to be home.  Me Kaiser really am home.  Me am not Abdominus.  Me tell Abdominus no be on blog.  Abdominus no be on blog.  Abdominus am good yeti.  Me am Kaiser.

Me had big welcome back party.  All sexy ladies come for good time with me Kaiser.  Me had many sexy ladies, but me give some to Abdominus.  Abdominus am good yeti.  Me tell one sexy ladies to put on fur bikini.  Pretend to be sexy yeti.  Abdominus like very much!  Here.  You have picture.
Me like very much.  Me mean Abdominus like very much.  Me like too though me am Kaiser.

Big party had fun.  Many good times.  Party listen to metal.  Me play drums.  NO!  No.  Abdominus play drums.  Me no play drums.  Me am Kaiser.  Abdominus play good drums.  Metal good.  Big mosh pit in house.  Lots of stuff break but me am Kaiser.  Me no care.

Then neighbor cat came over.  Me hate neighbor cat.  Me tie neighbor cat up and shave cat.  Then me put cat in shopping bag and hang from tree.  Stupid cat.

Then me neighbors with cat came over.  They tell me they no like loud noise or shaved cat in tree.  They tell me they call police.  Me headbutt them and lock them in basement!  Me Kaiser!  Me no put up with their shit!

Everybody had good time.

Now me back and me do more writing in blog.  Me only write in blog.  No Abdominus.  Abdominus am good yeti.  Me think me give Abdominus blog so Abdominus can write too.

Me am Kaiser.

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