Friday, March 12, 2010

It too damn warm!

Me Kaiser again.  Me start to miss winter.  Winter nice and cold.  Winter not here anymore.  Now it get warm.  Me no like it warm.  It rain a lot and get wet.  Me no like to get wet.  Me smell like dead yak when wet.  Me have to shave fur.  Me mean hair.  Kaiser no have fur like yeti.  Kaiser really hairy.  Me need to shave me hair before it get warmer and me smell like rotting dead yak.

Me miss home in mountains.  Me remember living in mountains with ice and snow and stinky goats.  Stinky goats me friends.  Stinky goats no mind if me eat them.  No stinky goats here.  Only loud screaming neighbors that me lock in basement.  They no make good friends.

It only get bad more.  It get too hot later.  Me have to shave all hair off me.  Me go around bald.  It embarrassing.  Me remember last year in summer.  It too damn hot!  Hard to keep cold.  One time me sneak into ice cream truck to keep cool.  Ice cream man no happy about that.  Many kids screaming when me smash truck.

Me sad now.  Me wish me back in nice and cold mountains.  Winter gone.  Me miss winter.

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