Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sexy She-Devils from Kaiser Crowbar's Crypt of Doom

Of course, what would Halloween be without costumes?  And nothing says, "I really want you to think of me when you're screwing your wife/girlfriend," better than hot ladies wearing those sexy adult costumes.  Every year, my eyes always wander to the growing section of sexy female costumes they put out each year, mostly because the pictures on the front of the package shows  lovely models with plenty of boobages filling them out very nicely.

Are they slutty?  Sure.  Do you have a chance in Hell of getting your wife/girlfriend to dress up in one of those?  No.  That's not the point.  Okay, maybe it is, but besides that, it allows us guys an opportunity to, how shall I say, enjoy the aesthetic beauty of the female form in all its soft, curvaceous glory.  Is it okay to think of a girl who wears one of these sexy?  Yeah.  They got dressed up to look sexy.  There's nothing inherently wrong with that.  Just don't be a creepy stalker who follows the girl around during the party or tries to get down her pants.  You are not dressed up as a skeezy rapist for Halloween, and if you are, what the fuck is wrong with you?

Anyway, for all the ladies, let me make a few suggestions for Halloween costumes:

As for the guys, all I ask is you don't wear those retarded costumes that have some kind of crude sexual innuendo to them.  I'm sorry, but dressing up as a snake charmer with a snake coming out where your dong should be or wearing a lab coat that has "Dr. Seymour Bush" on the nametag will not get you laid, no matter how many beers she's had.

Kaiser out

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