Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kaiser Crowbar Presents LORDI, Playing a Sold Out Show at the Crypt of Doom

There have been horror rockers in the past, Alice Cooper certainly comes to mind as one of the first, but none have been as entertaining as Lordi.  Their story is a bit of a strange one.  Inspired by KISS, the band was formed to play horror themed hard rock while wearing grotesque costumes.  They actually entered the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 and won, which was interesting for a group such as them to win a contest dominated by pop stars.

Since then, they have rocked concerts all over Europe (especially in their homeland, Finland) and even played in the US.  Their music videos are like miniature horror films and are always awesome.  Last year, they actually starred in their own horror film, Dark Floors, which Mr. Lordi actually conceived with the director.  Dark Floors is a well polished, entertaining film, though not necesarily scary.  Watching Lordi slaughter makes me cheer more than cringe (then again, horror films don't usually scare me).  If I saw Lordi terrorizing people, I'd flash them the horns and invite them to Macaroni Grill.  We'd talk about the massacre of foolish humans and rocking out over pasta, salad, and bread (their bread is so good).  Then we'd collaborate on doing a song together.  I think we would call the song, "Lawn Care of the Damned," or something like that.

Anyway, here's to Lordi, who definitely belong in any horror lover's collection.  To commemorate this, here's one of my favorite Lordi videos.


  1. Kiss Alive II was my very first album (umm, can you say 8-track?), and I've witnessed all the glory that is both Kiss and Alice Cooper in concert, so I'm sure it's no suprise that Lordi is right up my alley...of course I'm old now, and prefer my riff's a lot less melodic, but still...praise the Lordi!

  2. Oh yeah. Lordi pulls out all the pyrotechnics at their stage shows. Actually, just like Kiss in the old days, they are never seen without their makeup. In fact, they keep in character even in interviews. It's funny to watch a reporter ask, "So, Mr. Lordi, what's your real name?" And Mr. Lordi goes, "What kind of stupid ass question is that? I'm Mr. Lordi, retard. Now sit your ass back down before I cross breed you with a chainsaw."