Friday, October 8, 2010

A Special Battlemasters Announcement

This Sunday, I have been invited to play in Kurt's Pathfinder game.  Yes, this is the same Kurt who bought me the Blind Guardian CD in Germany - I know, he's awesome.  He's even allowing me to play my old barbarian character.

While I was upgrading my barbarian to 9th level, I wondered, "What is it that makes the barbarian class so awesome?"  It's the same thing that makes bloody-handed vikings and Wolverine so popular (No, it's not Hugh Jackman).

Answer:  The Berserker Rage!

Of course, this gave me a great idea for a theme for Shrine of the Battlemasters.  Next week, on the Ablogcalypse, it's Berserker Week.  I'll be looking at some of the most violent motherfuckers to ever go ape shit on a battlefield, whether they're in anime, ancient legend, or in real life.  Put your ponchos on, people, blood and guts are gonna be all over the damn place.

Oh, and no Wolverine.  That guy's way too overrated.  Deal with it.

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