Thursday, October 14, 2010


This is going to be a short one, because I really don't know very much about this next berserker, but there's a fucking awesome video at the end.

If you were to take Cú Chulainn's riastradh, mix in heavy amounts of Conan and Celtic mythology, and put it in comic book form, you'd get 2000 AD's fantasy comic, Sláine.  Though Sláine Mac Roth is very popular in his native Great Britain, he's relatively unknown in the US, which is why I really don't know much about the character, but, goddamn, I wish I did.

This grizzled warrior, who sometimes looks like he's affecting some punk influence, depending on the artist, has gone from savage berserker to outcast, High King of Ireland, demon slayer, incarnation of the Horned God, and, yes, time traveller.  Always at his side is his powerful battle axe, "Brainbiter," but he's also used other legendary weapons, such as Cú Chulainn's Gáe Bolg.

I don't really have much else to say about this comic, other than if anyone knows where I can get the graphic novel collections, let me know.

Before I go, here's this fan created trailer for a Sláine film that doesn't exist, but it should.  Fellow CROM! readers, take notice.  This thing kicks all kinds of ass.


  1. I was able to pick up a couple Slaine grahic novels in the local comic shop a year or two ago. The one I can find this morning says it is copyright 2002 and published by Titan books. Therefore it shouldn't take too much poking around in the back shelves to come up with one, and is definately worth the effort.

    P.S. The lazy amongst you might want to try Amazon, although the thrill of the hunt is much lessened by this approach.

  2. 2000 AD online store has most of Slaine's grahic novels. Only smart way of getting them now is online, your be looking forever otherwise!