Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Through The Panther's Eyes - Weapon of Choice

I am slowly beginning to understand the wit and cunning necessary to battle a beast at least five times your size without the aid of my near limitless power.  Though I have already killed a good number of Great Jaggi, capturing one is a completely different story.  I swore that I would take one of them alive or they would die trying (which they did, numerous times).  First, you have to wound it sufficiently without killing it.  Then, you must lay a trap in the area to catch it.  This requires getting into the head of the beast, as you'll have to anticipate where it will retreat to.  You can also lay the trap between you and the monster and use yourself as bait.  After the monster is struggling in the trap, you have to tranquilize it, using bombs of tranquilizer gas, darts, etc.

It took me days to finally capture my first Great Jaggi, but it was worth it.  After taking the beast back, I was given an opportunity to face the last monster I hunted with Ironbeard: the manipulative Quropeco.  The thing looked more like a bird, but was considered a wyvern, just like the others.  It's greatest strength is it's song, which can not only mimic the calls of other monsters to attract the, but can heal itself as well.

Killing it was no problem, since I was able to finally acquire the coveted switch axe, which I tend to prefer.  Wielding that weapon was like second nature to me.  After that and some other monsters, I got the chance to capture another Qurupeco.  Despite the hunt being treacherous, as it called the fierce Rathian, one of the largest monsters I've seen so far, I was able to use my new weapon and the knowledge I gained from trapping Great Jaggis to make short work of this hunt.  The Qurupeco barely got a chance to escape me.

Then, I came across something that made me rethink my strategy on weapons.  The mighty Barroth is a tower of mud and armor.  While hunting them, the kill has, so far, eluded me.  Its large size belies its speed and its armored carapace has proven to deflect all but the sharpest of weapons.  My switch axe was too dull to pierce its armor.  Only two weapons in my possession are sharp enough to slash the beast: one of my sword and shield combinations and my greatsword.

While the greatsword has plenty of power behind each swing, I found myself too slow to effectively attack the Barroth.  The sword and shield is much faster, but doesn't do a lot of damage, leaving me to constantly hack at the beast before doing any real damage.  With the sword and shield, I did have the Barroth weakened significantly, but it wasn't enough.  He has proven too powerful for me, at this time.

If only I could have the blacksmith improve my switch axe, but I don't have the right materials for it.  Even if I did, it still wouldn't be sharp enough to wound the creature.  I find myself frustrated, as he is the first monster I have failed to kill.  Despite this, I am not dissuaded by defeat.  By the blade in my hand and every muscle in my body, I will see the Barroth's blood taint the mud hole that is its home.  I will carve deep into its impenetrable flesh.  I will tear the spoils of battle from its bone.

This, I swear.

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