Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kaiser's Metal Moment - New Dio!

A lot has been going on with the Holy One that is Ronnie James Dio; some good, some bad.  If you haven't already heard, he was diagnosed with stomach cancer, but has been fighting, tooth and nail, to purge the offending aberration from his being.  From what I've read, the chemotherapy he's been undergoing seems to be very effective, but all the treatments have made it to where he cannot tour with Heaven and Hell this summer in Europe.

Despite the cancer and treatments, Dio is still nigh unstoppable.  He won "Best Vocalist of the Year" at the Revolver Golden Gods awards for his work on Heaven and Hell's The Devil You Know and is working on a new Dio album, Magica II & III.  Not only that, but before he went into his treatments, his band already recorded their first song for the album.  Of course, I found a video done by a YouTuber, so allow me to present you the future of Dio.  This is "Electra."

Hell, I'm feeling generous.  How about I throw in Heaven and Hell doing "Time Machine" from 2009 absolutely free?  Now, how much would you pay?

By the way, check out Dio's website and Facebook page for more updates on upcoming releases, including a new online store to get all the Dio shirts and accessories you need, and the status of his well being.  I hope to see Dio back to making the music I love.  Until then, get better, brother.

Kaiser out


  1. Well that was timely! Just yesterday I was on the road and got to thinking how much I could use my fix of Dio, and now, here he is. Ronnie's vocals are over the top!

    Great minds think alike Kaiser.

  2. Yeah, well, I wouldn't call this the greatest example of serendipity, brother. Just read the next post to find out why.