Thursday, May 20, 2010

Grieving A Legend (Day 4)

There have been a couple of announcements on RJD's Facebook.  First off, there will be a public memorial service for him on Sunday, May 30th in Los Angeles.  If any of you want to make it there, definitely check the Facebook link to find out more details on location, time, and hotel arrangements (some local hotels are giving discounts, but it's first come, first serve, so reserve now).  Second, for those of you who cannot make it (I wish I could, but I don't have the cash), but still want to show your support, Wendy Dio has set up the "Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund."  You can find the address for sending money to the fund on the Facebook page or you can go to his website (it's back up) and find the PayPal donate button.

Anyway, I thought I would go back to some of his Dio videos.  Let's start off with "The Last in Line."

Of course, how can you have a collection of Dio's videos without doing "Holy Diver."  Nothing says awesome like RJD stalking a demon haunted wasteland as a barbarian swordsman.

One more video - this time, we'll do some live "Dream Evil" from 1988.

By the way, I finally got Master of the Moon, the very last studio album from Dio (the band).  This album's only six years old.  It's amazing to see him be so involved in music for over 50 years, even longer, if you count the years before he joined his first band.  Even though he wasn't always in the spotlight, he was always making music.  You have to respect that.

Kaiser out

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