Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Double Dose for the Weekend

Okay, so a couple of things. First, someone obviously found evidence of Yeti in the Himalayas. They actually had some sort of press conference and everything to display the evidence.

Congratulations! You found the footprints of the Abdominal Snowman. Never mind the fact that he's HANGING OUT AT MY LAIR AS WE SPEAK, PLAYING STREETS OF RAGE ON MY XBOX 360. I mean, seriously. We're working on our debut album (the Yeti's laying down some vicious drum tracks). Those footprints are probably four months old, anyway. (Oh, wait. This was dated 2007. My bad. Good job, though.)

Well, this could be good publicity for the band. We could build a whole ad campaign around Abdominus' (it's what we call him for short) ancient mystique. The ladies already love him as it is, what with the abs of Adonis and all. But when they find out all the mythology that he is steeped in, they will orgasm on command.

So, onto the second bit. If you haven't heard yet, Disney is making a new TRON movie. It's been talked about for quite some time, but they've finally thrown us a big bone here. At this year's ComiCon, they revealed the first teaser for the film. It seems the movie is called TRON Legacy. And, of course, Jeff Bridges is back as Flynn, but something's not right (watch the trailer and you'll see what I mean).

Anyway, I was worried for a long time that Disney would fuck this up, somehow. Since PIXAR was Disney's bread and butter nowadays, I got the feeling that they would make the computer world completely CG - no flesh and blood actors. I also thought they may try to update the look of the computer world too much to where it wouldn't seem the same. Fortunately, my fears were unfounded.

The teaser looks awesome. It's basically reminiscent of the unforgettable light cycle scene in the first movie with a twist. While the computer world does show a humongous graphical update (which makes sense, since technology has grown rapidly since the early '80s), it does retain the look and feel of the original. The music in the teaser sounds almost as if they just did a slight remix of the original score. It's nice.

But, hell... why am I telling you about it when you can see it for yourself. Here's the teaser for TRON Legacy.

On top of that, there's a viral website for the movie. I'm getting the impression that Flynn is not in the computer world of his own free will, but that's just speculation.

Kaiser out

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