Monday, August 24, 2009

Random Weirdness - Every Monday

After a brief hiatus, I return with two videos, both of which are tied together in a couple of ways. Orson Welles was best known for his role in Citizen Kane, but he had some notoriety for voice over work as well. Of course, there was the infamous War of the Worlds incident that brought people into a panicked frenzy over an alien invasion, but Mr. Welles also did voice work for Findus Frozen Foods in the 1970s, which led to a moment where he walked out in exasperation at the directing he was getting from a stupid frozen foods commercial. This incident was lampooned in Animaniacs when they, almost word for word, replicated the recording, but with staple characters Pinky and the Brain, the latter voiced by Maurice LaMarche. This first video is the Animaniacs skit, which, to be honest, I didn't get when I was a kid. It was way over my head. Instead of the actual sound from the skit, someone overdubbed the original recording of Orson Welles from the incident to near perfection. So, in essence, this is The Brain "voiced" by Orson Welles. The second video is much shorter, but much sweeter. This one is from the show The Critic, starring John Lovitz. This has Orson Welles, also voiced by Maurice LaMarche, doing another frozen peas commercial. So, this time Orson Welles is being voiced by "The Brain." I can't help but giggle my ass off every time I see this. You just have to see what I mean.

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