Monday, August 17, 2009

Random Kaiserness - Back From the Con

So, like I said before, I went to Anime Iowa this weekend. Here's my con report status: ...meh. It was okay, but I just didn't have as much fun as I expected. I think the biggest letdown was the dealer room. While it was big and there were a lot of vendors there, there just wasn't very much I was excited about buying. I eventually did spend my money on things. I bought the complete Godannar box set. I picked up a couple of Rurouni Kenshin manga. I got a Gurren Lagann T-shirt, a big figure of Ultraman Mebius, plus the Highlander anime from Madhouse that I wanted to see and, of course, a Lupin III movie, The Fuma Conspiracy. But what I was really looking for was japanese DS games, particularly Jump Ultimate Stars. I think I only saw one DS game - just one. I was pretty disappointed about that, but, hey, there's always Play-Asia. I will say there were a lot of products with hot chicks on them, such as the über-pervy body pillow covers featuring the girls of Ikki Tousen in semi-naked, lesbionic positions, but dealers were charging over $100 for those. If I can have sex with my wife for free, why would I want to pay that much just to dry hump a pillow? Fuck, a decent hooker would cost less. Cosplay was disappointing, too. I didn't see much of anything that stood out, except for the Team Fortress 2 cosplay that my friends were doing. And no, not any hot girls in sexy cosplay (At least from what I saw). Even the panels I went to were more miss than hit. The one exception were the swordfighting demo and the japanese weapons panel that a local dojo from Iowa did. Those were awesome. From what I saw of the Anime Improv, it was a disaster. Hell, (Edit ->) the people who went to Karaoke weren't into it as much, which was a big letdownt for me, since I helped host it up until last year, as well as this year. I have to wonder. Am I just getting jaded after going to this convention for years, or is the magic really leaching out of this convention. I don't go to any other conventions (If GenCon Indy wasn't on the same weekend, I'd love to go to that), so I don't know if I'd feel this way at another convention. Regardless, I gotta post some weird video, and I have the perfect one. This was actually from Anime Iowa Karaoke 2007 (when my cousin-in-law and I ran the show). We did a Yatta! sing along. (If you don't know what Yatta! is, you can always YouTube it or I might put it in Random Japanese another week). Anyway, here's the video from that. I'm the one up front with the microphone, dancing and singing like a jackass.


  1. I...I'm near tears right now. I can only hope that you said that thinking I wouldn't read your blog.

    I'm sorry Karaoke was such a let down. I tried...I really did.

    (This is Akari by the way...)

  2. Only near tears? Damn. Your tears were the last thing I needed to fuel up my new doomsday device.

    But in all seriousness, Karaoke wasn't a letdown. I just felt that something was missing from the con experience as a whole. I should edit that, though...