Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The State on DVD

If you ever watch the Random Weirdness videos I post up here, then you may have seen that some of them come from the same source - Fried Bumblebees, The Mailman Who Delivers Tacos, Louie at the Last Supper ("I wanna dip my balls in it"). All of these skits come from a comedy show known as The State. Now, unless you watched MTV in the '90s (and not just for Beavis and Butthead), you may not know who they are. Whereas Beavis and Butthead was pretty much stupid humor (it was fucking hilarious, though), The State was more off-kilter sketch comedy, similar to The Kids in the Hall (another '90s comedy group) or even Monty Python (if Monty Python were all in flannel and had licensed songs playing throughout the show). Actually, all three of these shows had a lot in common: Strange situations, bizarre twists that came from out of nowhere, and, of course, cross-dressing. If you can't remember the show, you may remember some of the people that came from it, because a lot of them went on to do other comedy shows, most notably, Reno 911. For years, fans of The State have been clamoring for a DVD release of the show, and they took their damn sweet time with it, but it's finally here. Today, they released the entire series of The State on DVD. Surprisingly, there weren't as many episodes to the show as I remember. Then again, MTV kept playing reruns of the show over and over again before releasing a new season. The series only has three discs worth of content (Edit: I'm sorry. Did I say three discs? I meant five), but the guys from The State made sure that they crammed those motherfuckers with extras, including skits never before seen on TV (and uncensored, I'd wager). So, if you fondly remember this Gen-X comedy show, you owe it to yourself to pick this up. For those who don't have it yet, how about we go watch the monkeys do it? By the way, I'll bring you the Kaiju tabletop gaming goodness I promised next time. Kaiser out

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