Friday, July 9, 2010

Honor Dio's Birth and Facebook Has Been "Ablogcalypsed!"

Ablogcalypsed... that's a terrible word.  Whatever...

First off, I want to mention that tomorrow, July 10th, if you're reading this at a later time, would have been Ronnie James Dio's 68th birthday.  For those of you who, somehow, managed to have your head up your ass all year, Dio passed away on May 16 from stomach cancer.  If you want the whole story, click on the Ronnie James Dio tag below this post.  Another note, for those of you who have not yet donated to the "Stand Up and Shout" Cancer Fund to get your RJD memorial package, complete with t-shirt, button, and program from his memorial service, they will no longer be offering them on July 31.  After that, you can still make donations to the fund, which helps people get early screenings to give those diagnosed with cancer a fighting chance, but if you want that t-shirt, like I do, you better donate soon.  Go to and make sure you click on the donation button where it says "Memorial Package" (it will be at the bottom of the home page).

Also, I've decided to expand my internet dominion today.  I now have my own Facebook page, called Kaiser Crowbar's Ablogcalypse Lite.  100% official, 100% Kaiser, half the calories.  If you do follow the Ablogcalypse religiously (does anyone, nowadays?), you can still find some things on my Facebook that I didn't think warranted a full blog post.  At the moment, it doesn't have much, but I plan on expanding that (I'm usually on Facebook, anyway, wasting time playing Age of Champions).  Make sure to check it out.

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