Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Savage Brütal Legend Apocalypse

Here's the pitch: Take every kick ass metal album, combine them together, and make a goddamn video game out of it.

My response: Where the hell has this been for the past 5 years?!

Let's face it, Brütal Legend bleeds liquid awesome. Take Tim Schafer (the creator of numerous classic games by LucasArts and the sleeper hit Psychonauts), an awesome premise, get a bunch of awesome people to do the voice work (Jack Black, Rob Halford, Lemmy, and, hell yes, Ronnie James Dio), and make a fucking awesome game. Oddly enough, Mr. Schafer had a hard time selling this one. I read an interview with him where companies actually tried to make him do some really, really stupid compromises when he pitched it to them. The most memorable one was one exec said, "This sounds like a great game, but I'm not sure about the heavy metal part. Could you change it to a hip-hop style game?" What a fucking tool! I couldn't believe that dipshit was serious. Yes, let's not do something revolutionary and put another bullshit hip-hop game on the market. You know how much the kids are eating that up.

Eventually, Brütal Legend found a home with Sierra, which was owned by Vivendi Universal. Unfortunately, Sierra was being difficult with Schafer about how the game should be done. To top off this shit sundae, Activision bought Vivendi (with Sierra in tow). The CEO of Activision (and all around huge dumbshit), Bobby Kotick, had cut Brütal Legend (along with the Ghostbusters games - what the fuck is wrong with this douchebag?) in favor of focusing on games which he could make more money by squeezing out sequel after sequel; such franchises as Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, and other shit shingles we all stopped playing years ago.

Fortune would smile on Shafer, though, as Electronic Arts picked up the publishing rights (though Bobby's still being a huge douchebag and wanting monetary compensation for a game he dropped, then realized how fucking retarded that was). Now, Brütal Legend is well on its way to an autumn release. Fuck yes!

Anyway, to whet everyone's appetite, here's the latest trailer for the game.

Tim Schafer is a fucking genius!

(And Bobby Kotick's a retard)

Kaiser out

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